Film: Walking Old Lands, Drawing New Lines

Commissioned by CARICUK, the short film Walking Old Lands | Drawing New Lines situates the art practice of Annalee Davis in a particular Barbadian landscape which was formerly a 17th-century sugar estate. Her work reflects on how history shaped the topography of this, Britain’s first sugar isle, into perfectly manicured plantations–a model that ricocheted across the Caribbean archipelago.

The artist speaks about her rituals of walking the fields as she aims to differently understand a burdened place that was deforested, surveyed, and mapped using foreign measurements. Davis shares The Wild Plant Series, (bush) Tea Services, and (bush) Tea Plot-A Decolonial Patch, artworks that foster alternate understandings of these grounds while she learns to listen with another ear. She shares her current commission – a women’s apothecary which will sit within the larger hopeful vision of a post-plantation, regenerative landscape. 

Artist- Annalee Davis

Annalee Davis is a visual artist, cultural instigator, educator and writer. She works at the intersection of biography and history, focusing on post-plantation economies by engaging with a particular landscape in Barbados.

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Videographer – Justin Went

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