CARICUK’s second stage, Participation, aims to draw young people and trainee teachers into the discussion about race as an in/security in Geography education. 

Learning pack

First, CARICUK and its partners will work together to produce an online learning pack for key stage 3 (KS3) learners in the UK. Hosted on the CARICUK website, young people will register securely and work through informative text, activities, images and videos from the provocations, to help them think about Caribbean and racialised in/securities.  They will do this completely online, either alongside their teachers and colleagues, in mainstream or supplementary schools, or on their own. 

Arts participation

Second, the learning pack will provide a catalyst for young people to take part in an arts participation, through which they will be invited to create artwork about any aspect of Caribbean and racialised in/securities, either at school or at home, and to upload a photograph of their artwork to the fellowship website.  CARICUK will curate the artworks into an online exhibition.