Are you a young person with an interest in Geography?  CARICUK’s Learning Pack is for you!

Learning pack

CARICUK and its partners have made an online learning pack for key stage 3 (KS3) learners in the UK. You can register securely and work through activities and videos.  We hope that doing the learning pack will help you think about how the Caribbean and the UK are connected, and how that helps us to understand race in the UK and in Geography.  You can do the learning pack completely online, with your teachers, in mainstream or supplementary schools, or entirely on your own.

Enter the Learning Pack here

Arts participation

Are you a young person who likes to draw, paint, sculpt, stick or colour?  Whatever kind of artwork you’re into, CARICUK would like to see it!

CARICUK has been working with a range of Caribbean artists in our Provocations stage, and now we want to see what you can do!

So upload a photo of an artwork that you have made.  We will have a look at it and then add it to our gallery.  This is not a competition – it’s a participation.  So as long as your artwork is not offensive and does not give away any personal information about who you are, we’ll be glad to add it to our gallery for the whole world to see!

Upload your artwork here


View the gallery here