Are you a young person who likes to draw, paint, colour, sketch, sculpt – anything to do with art?  CARICUK would love to see what you can do!

We’re looking for artwork that relates to what we’re interested in at CARICUK – for example it might be about how the UK and the Caribbean are linked, it might be about maps, it might be about Geography, it might be about colonialism, race and identity…  Have a look through our Provocation pages to get a wealth of ideas, or work your way through our learning pack.  Or else you can have a look at the films and discussions on CARICUK’s youtube channel.

The artwork above is an example of the kind of thing you could do.  It was created and photographed by Dr Susan P. Mains, after our last provocation event.  It’s her response to the ideas that we discussed – about maps, about the sea and about identity.

Once you’ve created your artwork, take a photo of it and upload it here.  Remember not to send us any other details about yourself.  We’ll have a look at it.  If it’s not racist or offensive, and if it doesn’t give away any clues as to who you are (remember to look after yourself online), we will post the picture in our gallery – you’ll find it on this page.

All artwork will be anonymous in our gallery (there’ll be no information about who created and sent us the artwork).  If we find that there’s any problem with the artwork, we reserve the right to take it down.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you can do!

Upload your artwork here