Walking Old Lands, Drawing New Lines

Join Dr Pat Noxolo and artist Annalee Davis as they discuss post-plantation economies and her CARICUK commissioned film, followed by a Q&A

Caribbean In/securities Exhibition

CARICUK's second provocation event will bring Pat Noxolo and Tia-Monique Uzor together with the curator of the Caribbean In/securities Exhibition, Marsha Pearce, and a roundtable of five of the participating artists: Alex Kelly, Kelly Sinnapah Mary, Lynn Parotti, Richard Mark Rawlins and Christopher Udemezue.  They will be joined by a small curated audience.  Registration to ... Read more

Dreading the Map

CARICUK's third provocation event will be livestreamed from the Royal Geographical Society's Ondaatje Theatre.  Pat Noxolo and artist Sonia E. Barrett will discuss the original installation she has made for CARICUK in the Map Room of the RGS building, entitled 'Dreading the Map'.  A small panel, including Tia-Monique Uzor, will give their reflections on the ... Read more

Global Black Geographies Zine: Sketching New Lines of Scholarship

Join us for the launch of the Global Black Geographies Zine (GBG Zine); a prototype website for a multi-lingual platform spotlighting critical Black scholarly interventions. Meet the creative scholars behind the website as they discuss its development and the ideas informing their research. The GBG Zine forms part of the continuing work of Global Black ... Read more

Flipping the Campus: Counting the Cost of Failure to Retain Black Students

In this CARICUK online roundtable event, we will discuss stories that are rarely told - the stories of Black students whom UK universities fail to retain. That failure follows many different routes: coldness or racist aggression from staff and students, failure to recognise vulnerabilities and wellbeing needs, or simply the everyday grinding pressure of always ... Read more

The Noise My Leaves Make: Black British Women and Surrendering to Belonging

Join director Dr Tia-Monique Uzor in a roundtable discussion about her CARICUK commissioned film The Noise My Leaves Make. Filmed in Leicestershire, The Noise My Leaves Make explores Black British women in the rural English environment. A space that has typically been denied to Black British women as a place of belonging, the three dancers ... Read more

Beautiful Experiments: CARICUK’s Agendas for Black Academic Careers

In CARICUK's final event, we think about what CARICUK has begun: creative approaches to the in/securities of Black education and careers in the UK academy. The three Black women at its core (Rita Gayle, Tia-Monique Uzor and Pat Noxolo) will reflect on the lessons we have learnt - about Black women's creativity in walking the ... Read more