Latest Past Events

Beautiful Experiments: CARICUK’s Agendas for Black Academic Careers

In CARICUK's final event, we think about what CARICUK has begun: creative approaches to the in/securities of Black education and careers in the UK academy. The three Black women at its core (Rita Gayle, Tia-Monique Uzor and Pat Noxolo) will reflect on the lessons we have learnt - about Black women's creativity in walking the ... Read more

The Noise My Leaves Make: Black British Women and Surrendering to Belonging

Join director Dr Tia-Monique Uzor in a roundtable discussion about her CARICUK commissioned film The Noise My Leaves Make. Filmed in Leicestershire, The Noise My Leaves Make explores Black British women in the rural English environment. A space that has typically been denied to Black British women as a place of belonging, the three dancers ... Read more

Flipping the Campus: Counting the Cost of Failure to Retain Black Students

In this CARICUK online roundtable event, we will discuss stories that are rarely told - the stories of Black students whom UK universities fail to retain. That failure follows many different routes: coldness or racist aggression from staff and students, failure to recognise vulnerabilities and wellbeing needs, or simply the everyday grinding pressure of always ... Read more